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Professor Lars McNaughton

Professor of Sport & Exercise Science

Sport & Physical Activity

Department: Sport & Physical Activity

Telephone: 01695 657296

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Lars McNaughton is Professor of Sport and Exercise Physiology and a member of the senior management team in the Department of Sport and Physical Activity where he also manages its undergraduate Sport and Exercise Science team.

He joined Edge Hill in 2011 having worked at Bond University (Gold Coast, Australia) as Head of School and previously at the University of Hull as Head of Department. He has worked extensively with professional team sports and athletes in the USA, Australia and the UK, including professional Soccer, Basketball, Cricket, Cycling and Swimming.

Research Interests

Lars’ research revolves around the use of nutrition and ergogenic aids to assist athletes in overcoming fatigue and thus, perform better.  He has published over 210 peer reviewed journal articles and 10 book chapters.   He is internationally known for his work in acid-base balance and how manipulation of this area can offset fatigue and thus allow athletes participating in high intensity exercise to perform better.  Specifically he manipulates buffers to assist the body’s own buffering system to cope better with the stress placed upon it by high intensity exercise. Lars’ early work was the first to show how exercise performance time and buffer dosage could improve specific types of exercise.  Lars also investigates how nutritional strategies, for example low glycemic index diets can assist athletes to work harder and longer.