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Olly Moores

Business Management student

Business & Management with Marketing alumni student, Olly Moores

As a wheelchair user it was good to see a campus that allowed me access to everywhere I needed to go. The whole university is geared for the mobility of disabled people.

As a student with disabilities, it was important for me and my parents to know which university I would be going to. It didn’t take long for me to choose Edge Hill where I enrolled on the BSc (Hons) Business and Management with Marketing course after I attended an Open Day at the University.

I liked the welcome from staff, the knowledge of support staff, and I was really impressed with the number of support services the university has. As a wheelchair user, it was good to see a campus that allowed me access to everywhere I needed to go. The whole university is geared for the mobility of disabled people.

The university is like a village, and with 24 hour security, it also made me feel safe. It wasn’t like other universities I visited where I had to cross town to access classroom and lecture theatres.

I soon settled in, and my ground floor accommodation was really good with all the equipment I required to live an independent life. It was also close to the Business School. I was also pleased to see a professional relationship between tutors and students, and with access to my personal tutor, I was able to talk one-to-one about anything I didn’t understand.

Throughout the course I learned a great deal about local and global business. This included economics, economic theory, the political economy, organisation management and many other aspects including accountancy. The work was difficult but interesting, and it made me read and learn.

My time at Edge Hill enhanced my knowledge, skills, and confidence. I also found a balance between work and a great social life. My communication skills have developed and I feel as though I can talk to anyone. When I first came to university, I used to write descriptively, I can now synthesize, analyse, evaluate and recommend.

The greatest benefit for me was the independence. I thought living away from home was going to be a real trial but quickly I began to love it and all the students I have met in my class or in the bar watching football on the telly, have been so friendly.

I am currently enrolled on the MBA Business Administration Masters degree. When I finish, I would ideally like to have a job where I can influence policy regarding disability.

I recommend EHU for anyone who feels slightly afraid of coming to university. Very soon you settle in and there is always a warm welcome in a university that actually cares about how you feel academically and socially.

During my time here, the Inclusion Team have been amazing. Following an independent disability assessment of my needs, the Inclusion Team were there to support me with every aspect of my studies.

I now have a totally different outlook on life, I am more confident and so much more independent. I cannot thank them enough for the support I have been given.