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Megan Gough

LLB (Hons) Law

Headshot of Law student, Megan Gough

I am so grateful to Edge Hill University. The people, the opportunities, the campus. The University has everything you need to succeed.

I chose to study Law at university to facilitate my aspiration of becoming a barrister. Although we very much look back when studying law to the precedents that have led us to where we are today, the ever-developing nature of law means there is always something new to learn and consider. The law surrounds everything we do in society, it’s great being able to learn and apply it to everyday life.

I chose to study at Edge Hill University for so many reasons. One of the core reasons was the environment at Edge Hill. From visiting open days, and from speaking to current students at the time I felt that there was such a community feel to the university and the law school.

The opportunities at Edge Hill University are second to none. In my second year I was fortunate enough to be taken on the School’s trip to The Hague. Being able to see what we have learnt be put into practice, and on an international scale was incredible. Memories to last a lifetime. We also have such close ties to our alumni which is absolutely invaluable.

The top three skills I have developed during my degree are:

  • Independence: University is a big step up from school and college, but with that comes a lot more autonomy. You are not timetabled in the same way as you are in school, and so this allowed me to develop a sense of independence in how I carry out my work and spend my time. I developed confidence in knowing how I work best, which can be taken forward with me into the legal profession.
  • Confidence: There are so many opportunities within the law school to develop your confidence. One which was pivotal for me was when in first year I became the first year representative for the Law Society. This required me to stand before my year group and inform them of upcoming events, being the main point of contact which developed my public speaking skills.
  • Organisational Skills: From balancing the university work, working part time within a law firm and my roles within the society I learnt how to organise my time, which is a key skill. Getting stuck into all opportunities that have been available to me has massively increased my skillset, but at the same time has been SO much fun.

The most memorable moment of my degree so far was the third and final of my women’s panel event, I said a few words at the end to thank everyone who has been a part of each of the events, looking around at so many attendees. I have never felt prouder to be a part of something.

The best thing about Edge Hill University to me is the feeling. It is indescribable. There is just such a feeling to the campus, the atmosphere, the people. You thrive here.

My advice for anyone considering studying law at Edge Hill would be – Do it! It is the single best decision I ever made for myself. Both in regards to career prospects but also my happiness. Say yes to everything, seize every opportunity.

Everybody at Edge Hill is rooting for you, and always go above and beyond to ensure you succeed. At the beginning of my second year I faced some tricky personal circumstances and the support that I received was amazing.

I must mention the amazing careers service at Edge Hill. All I ever do is tell people how lucky we are to have such fantastic careers support. The Schools dedicated careers advisor, has been with me every step of the way.

I have recently been awarded a ‘major scholarship’ from Middle Temple: the Jules Thorn Scholarship, fully funding my bar practice course. This has removed the financial barriers to pursuing a career at the bar, whilst providing me with a ‘seal of approval’ from the inn of my potential within the field.

My time at Edge Hill has without a doubt enabled me to succeed in obtaining a scholarship. I would not have been able to obtain a scholarship if it wasn’t for the opportunities and support I have received from the university. I am unbelievably proud to have come from Edge Hill University and be able to represent them in such a way, and although I am now due to graduate I know that I will remain very closely connected to the school. 

I am so grateful to Edge Hill University. The people, the opportunities, the campus. The University has everything you need to succeed.