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Meg Davis

BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS

Primary Education with QTS, Meg Davis

Teaching is not just inspiring new generations, it is being actively part of that formation yourself.

Teaching will not only enable me to explore many avenues, it will also let me inspire young minds with curiosity and creativity, both of which I believe are essential.

Edge Hill University is a known name in the teaching community, nearly every article I read about my course had a reference to Edge Hill in it and the quality of teachers they produce, it was obvious to me that Edge Hill was the place for me.

The confidence I have developed over my years of study has made me from a few years ago almost unrecognisable. My social skills have totally been transformed, being a student academic mentor (SAM) has enabled me to develop a toolkit to not only help people, but to have the social skills to be a friendly face.

I have developed my skills in speaking to a group of unfamiliar people with confidence and structure. Being a member of the Board for the Faculty of Education has helped me with this and developed my organisation skills.

Attending my first faculty board meeting will always be memorable for me, being actively involved in the workings of my course and university gave me an immense sense of importance and furthered passion to be a part of the Edge Hill community.

Professional practice has also produced countless magical moments, from the children’s excitement and shock from a science experiment, to going on trips with the Eco-club, not only will these experiences develop my skill set as a teacher but as a reflective practitioner also.

My degree is like no other I know the practical elements of the degree make everything I learn more purposeful as it truly puts theory into practice so I can see it with my own two eyes.

The support system at Edge Hill is something that is apparent to me, not only with the academic side of university, my personal development as a professional as well as an individual is supported and noticed within the university.

My favourite place on campus has to be the Catalyst (library and learning services), whether I want to work as a group, by myself in silence or with a friend, it has a facility fit for purpose. The staff are so friendly!

Edge Hill has really helped and encouraged my journey as a Holocaust Educational Trust regional ambassador, facilitating my doing various talks and lectures, posters and resources. Not only has edge hill supported my own development in this role, but they have also welcomed all my resources and opportunities with open arms, supporting me with my study trip to Budapest as well as representing the trust in the House of Commons.

Edge Hill recognises my passions and encourages the manifestation of it. Without the skills developed at university, I also wouldn’t have had the confidence to take part in the Camp America programme for two consecutive years.

When I graduate I hope to do a Masters in educational politics and policy, which many lecturers are helping me apply for.