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Matt Lamb

PGCE Secondary Mathematics with QTS (11-16)

Matt Lamb student profile

The best thing about Edge Hill University to me is the quality of teaching mixed with the resources that are available.

Maths is a subject which I enjoy and being able to share my enthusiasm in the classroom is something I am really looking forward to. If I can bring my passion for maths, enthusiasm, sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject to the classroom, I hope it will inspire the next generation and make maths fun for all.

As a teacher, I will have opportunities to inspire and encourage the next generation and potentially shape their lives beyond the classroom. I have always admired the relationship a teacher has with their students. No doubt my teachers in secondary school had a big influence on what I studied and where I am today – both academically and personally.

I believe Edge Hill University is the best institution for helping me prepare and develop the necessary skills I need to be an effective maths teacher. I first completed my undergraduate degree at Edge Hill in 2017 and I knew then of the University’s reputation and rich history of providing high quality teacher training courses.

The top three skills I have developed during my degree:

  • Increased confidence, especially in public speaking. This is essential when demanding a classroom and being able to teach large groups of students at a time, on what sometimes can be a difficult topic.
  • Resource development. This includes having effective lesson plans for every lesson, creating worksheets and extension questions for those more able students.
  • Professionalism and understanding. What it means to be a professional both inside and outside the classroom.

The most memorable moment of my degree is the very first lesson I delivered to a year 10 class during placement. I was nervous and apprehensive but at the same time excited by the challenge. I had confidence in my ability and that was due to the quality of teaching I received on the PGCE course at Edge Hill. It went really well, and the students were engaged throughout.

Edge Hill is very inclusive. The mix of cultures and life stories we have shared during the course has created a real friendship within the group.

The best thing about Edge Hill University to me is the quality of teaching mixed with the resources that are available. The Catalyst library is amazing, and I recommend anyone who studies at Edge Hill to make full use of it.

Edge Hill is a campus university, I believe it offers everything I need in one location. There’s a strong sense of community when walking from lecture to lecture, and the campus is filled with green spaces to help you relax. With great links to Liverpool, Edge Hill has it all.

My favourite place on campus is the Sports Centre. I’m very active and love sports, the facilities are fantastic and student membership for the year is well worth it. Sometimes there’s nothing better than having a long day on campus, working hard and then going for a nice leisurely swim in the pool.

My passion lies in educating others. I hope to become a secondary school maths teacher and have a long prosperous career helping students develop their knowledge and understanding of maths. Providing them with the necessary skills to be successful in the future.

My advice to someone considering studying at Edge Hill would be to stop thinking about where you want to go and enrol at Edge Hill University! Edge Hill have been instrumental in preparing me for what it takes to become an effective teacher.