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Dr Mark Edward

Reader in Creative Arts

English & Creative Arts

Dr Mark Edward

Department: English & Creative Arts

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Dr Mark Edward is a pracademic and a category dodger. His performance work in live art, contemporary dance performance and choreography are related to wider themes within social sciences. Mark has featured in Attitude magazine, Scene magazine and GT magazine. He has also featured on several BBC radio and TV documentaries, focusing on drag histories and activism, with drag performers Choriza May, Mutha Tucka and Miss Dixie Swallows. He has also featured in The History of Drag documentary, alongside Boy George and Ginny Lemon, airing on Gaydio. In 2022 Mark’s research into drag cultures provided the content for the three-part BBC Drag Herstories series. He is the author of the book Mesearch and the Performing Body (Palgrave, 2018), and co-editor of the books Contemporary Drag Practices and Performers: Drag in a Changing Scene vol 1 and Drag Histories, Herstories and Hairstories; Drag in a Changing Scene vol 2 (Bloomsbury, 2020, 2021). Mark’s research areas include gender, sexuality, activism, ageing and wellbeing in performance. Professionally, he has worked for Rambert Dance, Senza Tempo Dance Theatre, with the American performance artist and activist Penny Arcade in her pivotal work Bad Reputation and with the Australian performance activist Jeremy Goldstein in his Truth to Power Cafe. He is currently working on three book projects, focusing on drag, for Routledge and Bloomsbury.