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Lukas Allsworth

BSc (Hons) Secondary Mathematics Education with QTS

BSc (Hons) Secondary Mathematics Education with QTS student, Lukas Allsworth

Finding the right university was extremely important and Edge Hill has everything I was looking for and more.

Teaching others how to complete tasks gives me an enormous amount of happiness and joy. To know I have shown someone how to complete a task by giving any instructions or tuition means the world and more to me. Maths has been my favourite topic since the beginning of high school. To have the possibility to teach maths to students in a school was an opportunity I couldn’t resist applying for.

Out of most universities I have visited, Edge Hills’ campus is one of the finest there is. Edge Hill is a high achieving university located only 25 minutes down the road from me. To have such a highly regarded university on my doorstep is a privilege.

Finding the right university was extremely important and Edge Hill has everything I was looking for and more. The tutors encourage and look after you so much. Edge Hill is an impressive well-designed campus and has so much to offer to everyone.

The most memorable moment of my degree so far would have to be my first day. From wondering around campus for half an hour trying to find where I needed to go, to student guides pointing me in the right direction. Little did I know that most of those strangers in the classroom, I met on my first day, would become friends for life.

With the great facilities Edge Hill provide, I can take time to myself and relax. The Catalyst building is where I have spent most of my time at Edge Hill University. Countless days have been spent there completing assignments or any tasks that needed completing. The swimming pool is a close second.

The library at university is my favourite place of the university. From the garden rooftop to the sound of pages being turned, from hundreds of books, throughout the floors. Many hours have been spent in this library with friends and colleagues.

When I graduate I hope to get myself out to the world. I want to reach out to as many schools as possible to widen my opportunities of recruitment. My heart is set in a school but the big question for me is “Where”?

There are so many opportunities to undertake during your time at Edge Hill. Get stuck in with as much as you can ensuring you have a healthy balance between your work load and learning. Stay ahead of the game. Keep close to your colleagues. Enjoy yourself!

My lecturers at Edge Hill have all been exceptional.

My second-year placement for Edge Hill has been based in North Cumbria which has been thoroughly inspiring, helping me develop skills required to become a teacher. To represent Edge Hill outside of the university itself is a huge honour, which I’ll be doing again on my next experience. I’ll be at a British School in Kuwait, which I’m beyond excited about!

If you put the time and effort in, Edge Hill will give you opportunities you never could imagine in return.