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Lizzie Slater

MRes Criminology

Lizzie Slater

This degree has seen me lecture internationally on my research and has allowed me to grow as an individual not just as a researcher.

I decided to complete a Masters by Research because I wanted to take ownership of conducting the research I was passionate about while learning about the world around us in a way that empowered the communities I researched and myself as the researcher. My undergraduate degree at Edge Hill was BA (Hons) Geography.

I have always been passionate about people and learning not only about their behaviours, but their reasons and motivations for acting and feeling a certain way about the people around them and the spaces they are in.

Back in 2020 I had a research idea that I wanted to explore with a department and a research team that fully understood me as a person, as a student and as a community worker and I found that here in the Criminology department at Edge Hill.

During my time at Edge Hill I found a passion for community engagement within Liverpool. I had various roles working with the local people of Liverpool to become motivated to make changes in their local community but to also feel heard and empowered by doing so.

I now sit as a non-executive director at We Make Places Community Interest Company, working with a team of board members to make social impact and to run a social enterprise in the most sustainable way. I also currently work as a manager in House of Memories, a dementia friendly programme within National Museums Liverpool.

The best thing about studying Criminology was finding myself and my passions through the research I was doing. I was able to dive into critical conversations around a topic I was passionate about and have the confidence to develop a voice in active policy which ultimately I am impacted by as a Liverpool resident.

This degree has seen me lecture internationally on my research and has allowed me to grow as an individual not just as a researcher. I used my degree to network with others and to learn more about the city I live within and the activities that go on within it.

Studying at Edge Hill for the past six years has seen me grow from an unconfident teenager who never saw the potential she had to a motivated and confident professional.

Edge Hill has been a home which I have always come to for guidance, support and to have my ideas heard. It has provided me with the tools I need to go out into the professional world and be confident in being vulnerable, having courage and believing in my passions and goals.

As a graduate I have found myself in non-profit and community focused roles that I never knew much about before studying at Edge Hill however from being here I have learnt that the potential of what you can do is limitless.

From studying at Edge Hill I think my research hat will never leave me and I will always be looking to develop my research skills along with my curiosity of the everyday life of people. It has given me the confidence to allow my natural passion for communicating and connecting to others to only grow as I complete my time here.