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Katy Dodd

BA (Hons) Primary Early Years Education with QTS

Katy Dodd

Due to the valuable experience on placement I have developed my confidence to teach in different year groups in primary schools.

I love working with younger children this is where my passion lies. I worked as a teaching assistant from leaving secondary school and I wanted to work my way up as a teacher because I grew a passion for teaching.

Many teachers I worked with as a teaching assistant inspired me to study at Edge Hill as this is where they studied. As well as the amazing campus and top quality early years lecturers this is something I decided I wanted to be a part of.

Due to the valuable experience on placement I have developed my confidence to teach in different year groups in primary schools. I have learnt lots of skills including how to plan, assess and adapt my teaching to meet the needs of individual learners.

I have developed my subject knowledge surrounding the early years and the national curriculum as well as learning all about children in the early years. We have had the opportunity to explore a range of modules about play, special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), support staff, international approaches to teaching as well as rights of the child.

Having the opportunity to go on trips to explore play further are some of my most memorable moments so far. In first year, we had the opportunity to go to Van Gogh Alive in Manchester, Media City where we went to a multi-sensory experience. This trip gave us ideas to be creative and use Van Gogh’s art work in our own lessons when teaching.

During art lessons on placement I have used music to inspire children to be creative while drawing and painting. This idea engaged children to use a range of techniques including colour, pattern, texture, line and shape to create their own unique art work while relating this to the music.

I love that we get taught a wide range of things on our degree by a variety of different tutors who have all got different experiences. We have learnt so much as well as being involved in a holistic week held by one of our lecturers where the whole of education comes together to work with a range of specialists, there really is something for everyone.

The tutors and staff are so helpful. When I compare Edge Hill to other universities, it really is amazing. Every student has a personal tutor that supports them along the way, who can help you personally with life as well as academic work and direct you to the right person. As well as this you, get paired with a peer mentor, who’s another student to help you with your studies, someone to ask questions and support you along the way.

My favourite place on campus is the Catalyst. In this building, you can access physical and ebooks and meet with academic study skills tutors (UniSkills, SpLD Team) who can support you in your essay writing. These tutors advise you and provide you with strategies to develop your reading, writing, referencing, finding information and preparing for a submission. My 1:1 specialist study skills tutor is super supportive and gives fantastic feedback to help me move forward to continue to get good grades.

After I graduate I hope to either continue my studies at Edge Hill and study further into SEND or apply for teaching jobs in the early years or KS1.

Make sure you come and look around the beautiful campus and get involved as much as you can, including societies, I love to attend the British Sign Language Society to learn basic sign language skills If you get the opportunity just do it, it maybe scary at first but it will be the best years of your life!