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Jessica Barker

Marketing Assistant at The Seventy Ninth Group

BSc (Hons) Marketing with Digital Communications

BSc (Hons) Marketing with Digital Communications alumni student, Jessica Barker, wearing a graduation cap an gown outside the Main building.

My advice to anyone considering studying Marketing at Edge Hill would be to take every opportunity to boost your CV and make connections.

I found my course at Edge Hill really interactive. There were lots of opportunities to learn more, beyond the course itself.

My favourite thing about studying Marketing at Edge Hill was the lecturers. They were able to keep you interested at all points through the modules, they worked to better the module each year, accepting criticisms and always asking what we would prefer to do in seminars.

I was really well prepared for the future throughout the degree. With ongoing support from lecturers who always showed a willingness to get the students opportunities to grow our careers.

We also worked on projects that allowed us to get real world experience. This could be through work experience on placements or working on live marketing projects on certain modules.

In my second year, we were encouraged to go on placement. I was able to work in the Corporate Communications department at Edge Hill University working alongside the Social Media Officer for three months. I was able to gain valuable skills that I use in my job now.

In my third year, we were able to work alongside the Lancashire Police department. This involved creating a campaign for anti-spiking and it was a great opportunity to work in groups, with the opportunity to present our campaign in front of the police department and our module leader. The University strive for giving students better opportunities.

Analytical skills, copywriting and strategic planning. These are the top three skills I have developed from my degree.

My role at the Seventy Ninth Group involves working within the business-to-business world. I have always been interested in the corporate side of marketing. I see my current role as a way of developing my career, I look up to those who were sat where I am now and hope to get to where they are one day.

I work closely alongside the Social Media and Events Manager and the Brand Communications Manager. My job roles include, ensuring all content scheduled to go out onto socials goes out, making sure all payments for marketing purposes are sent to the current department, keeping track of the departments spends each month, being the direct contact for oversea vendors for upcoming events for all print assets, sourcing sponsorship and potential awards opportunities and auditing.

As I am only starting out in my marketing career, there is only way to go and that’s up. I hope to grow in my career over the next 6-12 months and see progression in my role.

My advice to anyone considering studying Marketing at Edge Hill would be to take every opportunity to boost your CV and make connections. Also, make the most of the Catalyst services, plan ahead and commit yourself into every aspect of the course.