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Heidi Winrow

Senior Lecturer in Early Years Education

Early Years Education

Department: Early Years Education

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Following a successful teaching career, I currently work as a senior lecturer in early years.  With leadership responsibilities, I have extensive experience of teaching across the Early Years ITE programmes, leading modules, designing assessments, researching for, planning and delivering engaging sessions using a variety of approaches, such as practical workshops, lectures and seminars aimed to inspire trainees in curriculum design.  I have good working knowledge of the issues related to ITE, working within the parameters of compliance and OFSTED, while supporting trainees to develop their own teaching philosophy as outstanding early years  practitioners. I feel privileged to work in ITE and, as a dynamic team player, I work in collaboration with a team of people who share an interest and passion for ensuring that our youngest childrenm receive high quality education and, as a result, have improved life chances.  I am accutely aware of the value of play, outdoor learning, the arts and how crucial they are children’s holistic development; consequently, advocating the principles of early years practice has never been more important.  I have a keen personal interest in music, the arts, creativity, which I am exploring through MA study, and I feel a great sense of pride in being able to contribute to the future of young children’s education.