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Faith Wood

BSc (Hons) Business & Management

Headshot of Faith Wood

I have thoroughly enjoyed my placement year at Randstad. I immersed myself in the professional work environment, which I believe allowed me to develop in personal and professional aspects. The placement has enabled me to create friendships and connections that I would never have made without this opportunity.

Accelerating my professional journey
Randstad is the world’s largest recruitment agency, providing thousands of varied job roles. Faith successfully completed a sandwich placement with Randstad, working in the role of Human Resources Assistant. From supporting diversity and inclusion projects to coordinating events, Faith excelled in her year in industry. Faith developed a professional network and impressed Randstad with her commitment to the company. She now has the opportunity to secure future work with Randstad’s international offices.

Due to a successful sandwich placement, Faith now has the opportunity for work with Randstad in the UK or Canada.

“Faith had high levels of energy, showing a can-do attitude, and exceeding quarterly targets. It’s been a pleasure to work with Faith, and we’ve discussed further opportunities, whether that be in the UK or in our Canada brand, where she would like to travel in the future.”
– Chantelle Winskill – Student Support Divisional Manager