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Dr Bethan Garrett

SL in Education

Secondary, Further Education & Training

Dr Bethan Garrett

Department: Secondary, Further Education & Training

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Beth is currently the course leader for the BA(Hons) Education suite of programmes, having been one of the founder members of the degree team. She led on writing the educational psychology and research methods modules and facilitates the running of the course. Prior to this, Beth has had experience of teaching across the primary teacher training courses, including leading the PGCE mathematics specialist strand, and delivering core meths, music and relfective modules. Before joining Edge Hill, Beth worked as a qualified primary school teacher and later contributed to the Psychoogy in Education courses at Lancaster, whilst completing her ESRC-funded PhD.

Research interests

Beth’s research focuses on the following areas:

Motivation theory: I am particularly interested in teachers’ motivation and how this is constructed through individual and social processes. My focus for this has been within primary school settings, looking at teachers’ engagement with subjects which are either on the periphery of the curriculum and/or are deemed challenging to one’s sense of self. My main contribution has explored how personal and social factors interact with one another to impact upon motivation and engagement.

Music education: My PhD research and beyond has explored music education in the primary school, looking at how whole school approaches can enhance the motivation of individual practitioners.

Community education: My current research is focused upon the concept of community education and learning. I am interested in understanding the complex dimensions of this, in relation to policy, practice and the motivation of participants.

Mathematics education: I have conducted research alongside the mathematics specialist students, looking at the identities, challenges and values associated with the specialist routes.  I have also worked alongside a school who have been implementing a mastery approach.

Research Groups: Beth currently leads the Faculty’s Educational Research Academic Study group (ERAS). As part of her role, she has organised lunchtime research cafes, in conjunction with Learning Services, inviting speakers from across the Faculty and beyond. Additionally, she has teamed up the Centre for Teaching and Learning to arrange regular writing sessions; these have proved invaluable for enabling colleagues to block off time for focused writing in a supportive environment. Beth is a member of the Narrative Research Group and has taken on the role of research mentor for colleagues. She is very keen to support the research ethos of the Faculty

Teaching responsibilities

Beth currently leads the following modules:

  • BED1000: Introduction to Education Studies
  • BED2000: Designing and managing a research project
  • BED2001: How and why we learn – aplorations in the psychology of education
  • BED2005: Work-based learning in education
  • BED2006: Work-related learning in education
  • BED3000: Dissertation
  • BED3003: Curent debates in the psychology of education