Chris Nutton

BA (Hons) Animation

Professional Image of Chris Nutton

Studying at Edge Hill has given me the opportunity to use my skills as an animator to raise awareness of mental health issues, on campus and beyond.”

I fell in love with animation as a child. I loved watching shows like Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon and was fascinated by the imaginary worlds that could be created with animation. I was interested in drawing, painting and photography but it was animation that really captured my imagination.

You get to experiment with a wide range of animation styles on my course so you might end up really enjoying something you’d never thought of. I loved trying my hand at stop motion and working with other students to make puppets, write a script and direct a seven-minute animated film. But I discovered my real passion was for 3D animation and I’ve been able to choose modules and create projects that will help prepare me for a career in that area.

The highlight of my time at Edge Hill has been a trip to Portugal to work on a series of animated short films about Lisbon that were showcased during the Society of Animation Studies (SAS) annual conference. It was fantastic to explore a new city in a creative way. Without a grant from the Student Opportunity Fund, I would never have had the chance to work in another country or collaborate with international students like that.

In my first year, I struggled with my own mental health and got amazing support from the University. This inspired and motivated me to draw on my own experience and create Under the Radar, a mixture of 3D characters and live footage, to help other students who are suffering in silence. It’s been great to combine the two things I’m most passionate about in one project and I’m very proud that it was screened at Edge Hill. It not only shows what I’ve learned on the course, but also what I’ve learned about myself since I’ve been at Edge Hill – that I’m a strong individual who never gives up on anything, physically or mentally.