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Anthony Cizek

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Anthony Cizek


Research Interests

I have a general research interest in African landscape ecology and biogeography, especially of the Zambezian and Afrotropical Highlands regions of south-central Africa. Specific research interests include ornithology (particularly habitat selection by birds) and vegetation ecology, as well as the conservation management of south-central Africa’s rich biological resources. I enjoy spending time in the bush birding, frogging and botanising, especially for trees, bulbs and orchids.

My PhD research aims to develop models of the spatial complexity of the wooded ecosystems of parts of the Zambezian and Afrotropical Highlands regions occurring in Zimbabwe using remote-sensed imagery. Miombo woodlands (with canopies dominated by BrachystegiaJulbernardia or Isoberlinia spp. trees) are the main vegetation type across much of south-central Africa, but they occur with a diverse range of other vegetation types in naturally complex spatial patterns at multiple scales and levels of biological organisation. Remote-sensed data – from satellites and near-surface (drone) sensors – have the potential to much improve our understanding of the spatial variation in composition, structure and functioning of miombo wooded landscapes, as well as of the ecological processes driving this spatial complexity. Better models of the distributions of major kinds of miombo are important for conservation management, especially in Zimbabwe which is experiencing a deforestation crisis.

Journal articles

Cizek A. (2011) Habitat selection by the Southern (Mashona) Hyliota Hyliota australis in southern Africa: a stand resolution, hierarchical approach. Ostrich 82(3): 185-200.

Technical reports

Cizek A (in press) The distribution of patches of miombo outlying the Miombo Region in southern Africa. Kirkia

Cizek A. (in press) Variation in geographical coverage of ornithological sampling in Zimbabwe during the SABAP1 period. Honeyguide 65(2)

Cizek A.F (2014) A more complete distribution of the Cinnamon-breasted Tit in southern Africa. Honeyguide 60: 21-29

Cizek A.F., Pierini J., Alegria T & Dalziel D. (2013) How many tits are there in Gosho Park, Marondera? A rapid census method for passerines occurring at low densities in highly variable landscapes. Honeyguide 59: 11-24

Cizek A.F. (2012) New records of some species in quarter-degree-squares along the southern edge of the Zimbabwean Plateau, and how can we improve distribution models? Honeyguide 58: 126-130

Cizek A.F. (2012) What is the status of the Southern (Mashona) Hyliota Hyliota australis in South Africa? Ornithological Observations 3: 1-18

Cizek A.F. (2012) Identifying fine resolution variation in bird habitats in south-central Africa: Towards a habitat map for the Gosho Park interfluve, Marondera. Honeyguide 58: 27-52

Cizek A.F. (2009) Birds of the Serra Choa, Mozambique, with first records for Mozambique and new localities for Eastern Highlands endemics. Honeyguide 55: 11-22

Cizek A.F. (2008) Interesting records from Vilancoulos, Mozambique, with a breeding record of the Lemon-breasted Canary. Honeyguide 54: 63-68

Cizek A. (2001) The birds of Juliasdale, Nyanga: The meeting of the savanna and Afromontane assemblages. Honeyguide 47:135-139

Conference presentations

Cizek A. Quantifying patterns of variation in structure and functioning of miombo – An urgent conservation priority for Southern Africa. Poster presented at Royal Society “Terrestrial laser scanning revolution in forest ecology” conference 27-28 Feb 2017

Cizek A. How many Rufous-bellied Tits on the Zimbabwean Plateau? Pan-African Ornithological Congress 13, 14-21 October 2012

Cizek A. The importance of fine resolution vegetation data to projections of potential impacts of climate change on bird distributions. Pan-African Ornithological Congress 13, 14-21 October 2012

Wakeling D., Cizek A., Davies S., & Muropa J. The conservation of Monavale Vlei: A model for African wetland conservation management. Poster presented at Pan-African Ornithological Congress 13, 14-21 October 2012

Cizek A. Harare’s vlei avifauna – Localised birds and threatened habitats. Poster presented at Pan-African Ornithological Congress 10, Kampala, Uganda, 1-8 Sept 2000

Awards & Grants

  • MacArthur Foundation Scholarship for MSc studies (2000-2001)
  • Sponsored attendance by the Royal Society to their “The terrestrial laser scanning revolution in forest ecology” scientific meeting, 27-28 Feb 2017