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Abby McCrorie

BA (Hons) TV Production Management

Abby McCrorie TV production management student

I’ve tried to throw myself at every opportunity possible, and I’ve learnt so much about the digital broadcasting world. You can gain knowledge from other team members, this helps you develop as an individual. Having courage and putting in 100% is what I feel has made me successful.

Gaining experience in highly-skilled employment
Abby wanted to explore the digital broadcasting world, and completed a media placement as a video editor. Abby’s role involved camera work, event procedures, setting up the broadcasting room, editing video content, project planning, digital marketing and working on live events. Abby filmed in London with the managing director, and was tasked to edit in a high-intensity situation at short notice. She excelled at this task and was later given responsibility to sign off on all live broadcast edits.

Abby applied techniques acquired but this time, was given additional responsibility which included managing the media team (training the digital marketing apprentice and work placement student).

After the success of her placement, upon graduating, Abby was offered the position of Programme Editor.

“Undertaking a placement makes you more employable in the long term. From a media placement student to a full-time Programme Editor, I have seen Abby’s editing skills improve tremendously. Abby has a huge impact on the team and approaches tasks with positivity and optimism.”
– Stuart Heaton – Managing Director, Learn Live Limited