Performance for Public Engagement

Performance for Public Engagement was established in 2017, as a response to both the success of Performance and Civic Futures (2013-) and the appointment of new staff bringing new research portfolios since the REF 2014. This especially includes the Professors of Music (contemporary composition). Led by Professor Victor Merriman, Performance and Civic Futures was launched at Edge Hill University on 23 September 2013. Its purpose is to contest the political economy of neo-liberalism, advocating the potential of performance, and insights from Performance Theory, to contribute to city-based human flourishing against the grim prospectus of national ‘austerity’. Performance and Public Engagement embraces the work of Performance and Civic Futures, and further accommodates new research strengths in performance. Examples of this include:

  • activist performance – including radical clowning
  • critical performance studies
  • critical performance practice
  • One Hour Theatre Company
  • performance and commemoration
  • performance and the environment
  • feminist performance
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