Developmental movement in education, therapy and the arts

Developmental movement in education, therapy and the arts – Susan Loman

Saturday 13th-14th June, 11-4 room to be confirmed (£150 or £110, FREE for dance movement psychotherapy students)

During this workshop you will be introduced to some useful interpretations of people’s movement patterns through particular developmental, psychological and creative perspectives held by a movement analysis tool called Kestenberg Movement Profile (KMP). Developed by Judith Kestenberg, under whom Professor Loman studied, the KMP can be used to understand the movements of babies, children, individuals with emotional or social difficulties, as well as high functioning adults.  The KMP crosses language barriers to teach the interpretation of the language of movement, facilitating educators and artists to work with people who have limited verbal language. Powerful dance and movement connections are created through body rhythms and gestures, especially when people have difficulty expressing themselves effectively through words.

Susan Loman, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, KMP Certified Analyst.  Director, MA Program in DMT and Counselling, Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Applied Psychology, Antioch University New England; Co-Editor American Journal of Dance Therapy (2011-2014); Editorial Board, The Arts in Psychotherapy for 16 years; Former Chair of ADTA Education Committee. In 2014 ADTA awarded Susan with the “Lifetime Achievement Award.” She worked with Judith Kestenberg for eight years, chaired five KMP conferences, authored numerous articles and co-edited three books, including, The Meaning of Movement: Developmental and Clinical Perspectives of the Kestenberg Movement Profile and lectured and presented in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, England, Scotland, South Korea and the Netherlands, as well as throughout the U.S.

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