All research projects undertaken by students or staff within the Department of Performing Arts are considered for their ethical risk.  All research projects that involve human participants are considered as having medium to high risk.  If a project involves vulnerable participants or deals with distressing material, it needs to go through an ethical approval process.

Within the Department, formal approval is sought through the Performing Arts Departmental Research Ethics Committee (PA DREC).  PA DREC adheres to the ethical guidelines and code of practice set by the Edge Hill University research ethics framework, while also follows its own constitution and procedures.

Constitution and procedures

Note that all research projects are considered for their ethical risk.  All studies that involve human participants may involve risk, and studies involving vulnerable human participants or distressing material, will be scrutinised for increased level of risk.
All undergraduate students undertaking research projects are expected to complete the following form; this need to be completed prior to beginning with their project and discussed with tutors and module leaders:

Ethics Form for students

All postgraduate students are expected to complete the generic Edge Hill research ethics form.

Ethics Input Proforma Research Ethics Committee Application for Approval

If the study is of medium or high risk, the following documents may also need to be completed:

  • A research proposal
  • consent forms
  • information sheets
  • any tools of data collection used
  • risk assessment and
  • a brief account of how data collected will be managed.

The deadline for submission of ethics forms is 15th of every month.  PA DREC meets once a month and will aim to advise on outcomes within a week after this meeting takes place.  In some cases, it is possible that the applicants will be advised to make changes and resubmit to PA DREC.  Depending on the nature of the project and its ethical risk, it is also possible that applicants will be advised to submit to FREC and/or to an external research ethics committee.

Please note that no consent form can be signed and no data can begin prior to ethical approval.  Also note that the whole process of seeking ethical approval may take over a month to get completed.

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