Performance, Innovation, Future: Shaping the Future of Performance

Welcome to Edge Hill University’s Performing Arts Department, one of the fastest developing Performing Arts departments in the country.

Edge Hill University Performing Arts Department was established in 2003, building upon the success of the long standing Drama Department. At that time the department offered courses in Drama and Drama, Physical Theatre and Dance. Two years later the department moved into a £5m centre. The department offers eight undergraduate programmes and three MA programmes. The University has recently invested a a further £2M in foyer and catering facilities and the refurbishment of its main theatre; The Rose Theatre.

This brief chronology of rapid change is significant. It tells you something of the character of the department. The department prides itself on embracing change and being forward looking. We are determined to build a department which is independently minded, offering courses which question the nature of performance, and make the creation of new performance a central feature of study. Our courses are intended to provide opportunities to develop and educate the performance innovators of the future.

The department entered a new and exciting phase of development in 2010 with the introduction of a new approach to the delivery of courses, developing a curriculum founded on production or project based learning. This allows students to experience the nature of performance creation as it is found in the professional world. This type of learning experience then forms the basis of discussion and analysis. In this way the student practitioner in the department is able to develop a sophisticated ability in both practical and intellectual skills.

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