Students deliver cutting edge performance for World of Glass

Reflected Glory

Musical Theatre’s tutor-led vocal student ensemble company, Double Edge, provided a programme of music to commemorate Armistice Day at World of Glass in St Helens.

Composer Benjamin Till – who has been working with our Edge Hill Musical Theatre students – gave permission for the emotive ‘I Miss the Music’ from Brass, his First World War epic musical about members of the Leeds Pals Battalion, to be performed. During their work with the composer, students had the opportunity to ask questions firsthand about the piece. The ensemble also performed ‘Flight’ by Craig Carnelia and ‘Gravity/Run To You’, arranged by Jonathan Reid Gealt. These pieces were chosen for their slow, emotional storytelling, featuring a sense of loss and heartache, as well as a sense of hope. Double Edge worked to deliver an emotive site-specific performance, providing the best sound and visual experience possible in The World of Glass public spaces.

“The enthusiasm of the students, consideration for our visitors, and respect for the theme of the performance material was equalled by their enormous talent and joy of performing. The team from Edge Hill made the possibility of this taking place in our venue easy to put into practice, being open to our needs and views and, ultimately, giving us a quality performance.”

Ron Helsby, Executive Director, The World of Glass