Astley Illuminated puts employability in the spotlight

Light Work

Edge Hill alumni and current students have worked with LPM Dance Theatre and Zemap Film Productions on an exciting collaborative dance project.

Dance graduates, Malachi Simmons and Jamie Pickles, and current students Bethan Jones and Rocky Serg Widdowson, worked in partnership with theatre professionals and students from Albany Academy to develop a live performance and dance film as part of Astley Illuminated, a community arts event at historic Astley Hall in Lancashire. More than 2,000 people watched the collaboration, which consisted of three historic and contemporary dance pieces imagining the marriages of two 17th and 19th century couples at the Hall.

“There was extremely positive feedback from audiences, and all of the partners, about the production values, artistic quality, partnership experience and overall enjoyment of the work.”

Karen Jaundrill-Scott, Director of Employability and Senior Lecturer in Dance