Malachi Simmons
BA (Hons) Dance, 2014

Global Dance Ambassador - credit Benedict Johnson

Bermuda-born Malachi came to the UK in 2011 to study Dance at Edge Hill. With a passion for choreography and performance, he was an inspirational member of EdgeFWD, Edge Hill’s male dance company, and founded the University’s first Hip Hop Society.

Since graduation, Malachi has built an impressive performance portfolio, working with Boy Blue Productions, Black Gold Arts, Studio 25 and Company Chameleon, and regularly delivers Master Classes at dance training institutions nationally. He has recently created a company, Island Mentality, which aims to advocate for Bermudian artists across the world, and is now continuing his artistic development in Los Angeles while growing his brand on a global scale.

“One of Malachi’s roles within EdgeFWD was to advocate for the male dancer which he did with passion and pride. He demonstrated, through his quality of performance and public speaking, his belief in Edge Hill and in the value of promoting dance to all males regardless of sexuality, ethnicity, age or experience.”

Debbie Milner, Senior Lecturer in Dance, Edge Hill University