Inspirational collaboration with Tate Exchange


Tate Exchange is an ambitious open experiment which allows other organisations and the public to participate in a creative process, running events and projects on-site and using art as a way of addressing wider issues in the world around us.

As part of this project, final year dancers from Edge Hill University showcased ‘Exchanging Dances’ in Tate Liverpool, performing three new dances in a cyclical series of choreographies and staged improvisations that explored and celebrated dance as exchange. Taking inspiration from the Tate Exchange ‘provocations’, the dances included moving exchanges, social networking, touch and interchange. The dancers worked collaboratively to devise complex structures, scores and dance materials, which provoked and offered exchanges between dancers and between dancers and the public.

“The Edge Hill dance students really took the idea of Exchange as a live brief to develop their performances. They were extremely professional in their conduct in the gallery and in their interaction with the public. The performances were of a very high standard, evidenced by over 1,000 members of the public being totally engaged.”

Lindsey Fryer, Head of Learning, Tate Liverpool