Daniel Dessoy
BA (Hons) Popular Music

Building ‘Confidence’

Musician Daniel Dessoy collaborated with globally renowned professional musicians and producers in a daylong intensive masterclass held on campus.

US based multi-instrumentalist and producer Kim Jordan, Musical Director for Gil Scott-Heron for over 30 years, led the masterclass. Daniel worked collaboratively with five fellow Music students, spoken word artist Malik Al Nasir, five international professional musicians, an experienced music producer and a sound engineer. The masterclass culminated in the writing, composing, full mixing and production of an original new track entitled Confidence, which was performed live, opening The Revolution will be Live concert in The Arts Centre.

Throughout the process Daniel was able to showcase his talent and further develop his skills. Daniel plans to use this experience along with the international music industry contacts he made as a springboard for future projects.

“Daniel demonstrated an incredible level of skill, creativity and professionalism, on a par with many professional musicians with established careers. Daniel’s contribution to the process, the final track and the live performance was fantastic and I have no doubt that he will go on to have a great career in the industry.”

Kim Jordan, ProSounity Music Entertainment