Emma Canning

My dad works in public health promotion and I want to do the same, so I looked for a degree that offered a route into that field. Although there are other universities that offer a course similar to this one, I chose Edge Hill because it’s such a nice place.

I’ve found it to be a very friendly campus with everything close together and the tutors are really welcoming. My dad was impressed with the syllabus and said it would cover everything I’ll need to enter a public health promotion position.

I can recommend the course as there’s a wide range of modules, covering everything from housing and social policy to international health, and all are really well taught. I especially enjoyed the health promotion and international health-based units and my dissertation was on physical activity amongst office workers, looking at activity and lifestyle choices. It provided a good experience for my future career.

The three month career development module that I spent in a nursery school was a particularly valuable experience, but it also confirmed that I don’t want to work with young children as it was really challenging!

While there is a strong public health focus, the course isn’t just for people wanting to go into that area. A lot of people on the degree are planning to go into social work or teaching. It offers a lot of career routes.

Once I graduate I’m embarking on an MA in Public Health and think this degree has given me the skills I’ll need, both for the course and a future career. My research, presentation and writing skills have all improved, and with them so has my confidence.