This degree has taught me so much and set me on a path which I’d never expected to follow.

From a young age, I’ve loved writing stories. So, when it came to choosing what to do at university, I wanted to find a degree that would help me develop my writing abilities.

Before I began studying at Edge Hill, I wanted to become a novelist. However, I’d started so many first chapters of stories which never got finished, that this began to feel like an impossibility.

Then, when I began my course, I was introduced to different types of writing. With modules on everything from poetry, short stories and theatre scripts to radio-plays and role-playing games, no other university seemed to offer so much versatility. I couldn’t imagine studying a Creative Writing course which only taught prose, being exposed to such a variety of forms has helped me find my own writing style and decide what I want to write in the future.

It came as a surprise to me that my favourite module was scriptwriting. Although I’d previously written a theatre play for my drama group, I’d never learnt how to properly format a script, or considered scriptwriting as a potential career.

Last year, I submitted a radio play to a competition called ‘From Page to Podcast’, run by the Pauline Quirke Academy of Performing Arts in London, and was selected as one of the winners. I heard about the opportunity through the emails I received from the Creative Writing department, listing relevant opportunities for students, and decided it was worth a go.

My script, Flatmates, went on to be recorded by young actors from the academy, and is now on Spotify. It was such an amazing feeling to hear my words brought to life and has shown me how rewarding scriptwriting can be. Following on from this, I’m hoping to submit a comedy theatre script to the BBC Comedy Writer’s Room.

Studying Creative Writing at Edge Hill has helped me discover what I really enjoy writing. Eighteen-year-old me thought she wanted to write horror novels; now I enjoy writing (and finishing) comedy scripts! This degree has taught me so much and set me on a path which I’d never expected to follow.