University helps you discover who you really are and what you really believe in.

To say it’s an interesting time to study politics would be an understatement. We’ve had two General Elections and a European Election recently, as well as party leadership contests, but many people still don’t think politics affects them. What they don’t realise is that you can’t leave your house without engaging with politics in some way. As someone who has been politically engaged from a young age and also intrigued by the criminal mind, this joint-honours degree was perfect for me.

I was introduced to politics at school, but it was when I left school and joined the Army that politics really began to resonate with me. When I left the Army, I became active in local and national politics, which included standing in elections.

I recognised my ideology and opinion might be in a minority at university, so impartial teaching was really important to me. When I came to an open day at Edge Hill, I felt reassured there was no bias and people of any political persuasion are welcomed and supported. Throughout the course we are given the key facts and encouraged to make our own minds up. We might all support different political parties, but the majority of people I have come across are against the divisive nature of today’s politics and want to do what they can to change that.

University helps you discover who you really are and what you really believe in. Alongside politics I’ve enjoyed learning about the various criminology theories, such as the study of pain and harm and what effects they have. Criminology modules allow you to look at everything from every angle. It’s fascinating and really makes you think.

I’m the President and Founder of the Edge Hill Politics Society and through this I have made friends with people from all political backgrounds. The key to this is engaging in healthy and sensible debate, as well as having a mutual respect for each other. That’s one of the good things about studying here, you can voice your opinion without fear of being criticised, attacked or shut down.