Nursing is a unique role – you get to be part of the best and worst times of people’s lives.

I have two passions in life: nursing and adventure. That might sound like a strange combination, but the skills you need to be good at either are very similar. I’ve undertaken three global expeditions in my life and, from that, learnt that I work well in teams, under pressure and towards a common goal. That’s the way I see nursing; small teams of specialist skilled people, all working towards one goal – improving the health of the patient.

The degree at Edge Hill gives you lots of chances to experience healthcare in a range of settings. So far I’ve worked in a frailty unit, a renal ward, a mental health hospital, a hospice, with District Nurses in the community, and in a preoperative assessment unit. One place I didn’t anticipate going to was China.

Thanks to the Student Opportunity Fund and the fantastic connections Edge Hill has with hospitals around the world, I was lucky enough to take part in an eye-opening two-week trip to a Chinese university to see how nursing is taught, as well as how the healthcare system works over there. We visited a Critical Care Unit in a modern hospital and a traditional Chinese medicine hospital and it was fascinating to see the difference. In one we saw state-of-the-art intensive care beds, and in the other bottles of dried baby spiders, seahorses and lizards waiting to be ground up into remedies. It was an amazing experience.

The most important thing I’ve discovered since I’ve been on my course is how much you need your friends to pull you through when things get tough. As a nursing student, there are massive ups and downs, so you have to support each other. Nursing is a unique role – you get to be part of the best and worst times of people’s lives. But you also get to help people in the toughest of situations and try and make their day a little bit brighter and that’s a real privilege.

When I qualify, I want to work in A&E or some kind of acute setting, then eventually, I’m hoping to undertake a mission with Medicins Sans Frontieres to bring together my love of nursing and adventure.