I feel like I haven’t just developed academically over the last three years, I’ve also changed as a person.

When you think about studying Religion, you imagine you’ll be focusing on understanding the six world faiths. That’s what I thought, anyway. I had no idea when I started the course at Edge Hill that those concepts would form only a small part of what I would be learning, and that my mind would be opened up to so many new ideas and ways of thinking about religion.

On this degree we look at religion through lots of different lenses, including sexuality, gender, feminism, race and disability, that I hadn’t even considered before. I’ve also taken optional modules on spirituality and mindfulness to explore how religion links to contemporary subjects like mental health and wellbeing. It’s so interesting and not at all what I was expecting when I chose to study Religion, but in a really good way.

The Education side of the course has been perfect for me because it focuses on the theory behind education, rather than the practice of teaching, so I can keep my career options open. That’s what attracted me to the course, that it’s more about applying what you learn to teaching. When I start my PGCE next year I feel I’ll have a better understanding of why teachers do what they do. It’s a really good theoretical foundation to take into a postgraduate teaching degree.

I feel I haven’t just developed academically over the last three years though, I’ve also changed as a person. I’m much more open-minded about everything now, as well as a lot more confident in my abilities. I always felt quite average at school and I hated doing A levels because I didn’t really enjoy the subjects. But here, I love what I study and so I’m much better at it. I sometimes forget I’m doing a degree because I’m enjoying myself so much. I don’t want it to end.

I’d definitely recommend this degree as it’s a good way to keep your options open and increase your understanding of the world. Anything you can do to make sense of the world is a good thing!