Everyone that teaches on the course has been in a professional teaching role at some point in their career and their expertise makes them more relatable and the course more valid.

One of the best things about studying Primary Education at Edge Hill is that you get to study a minor specialism as well as a major one. So, as well as focusing on Maths, English, Science or Languages, you can also study other National Curriculum subjects, or specialise in areas including Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), Learning Outside of the Classroom, English as an Additional Language or Early Years Education. I think this makes Edge Hill graduates stand out to potential employers, which is something that has been reinforced to me when speaking to school leaders. I have really enjoyed studying Music as my minor specialism and I think having these additional skills has widened my employability opportunities.

I’ve also learned a lot from working in different settings for my placements, which have provided me with the opportunity to train in a school on the Isle of Man and in a faith-based school in Liverpool. You get lots of practical teaching experience and it is good to be able to draw on the knowledge you’ve gained on the course. Edge Hill is excellent at supporting students on placement and this individualised support enables trainees to gradually build their confidence throughout the degree. We get three visits from tutors while we’re in schools, so we get immediate feedback and still feel connected.

Throughout the course you feel really supported and the tutors go above and beyond to ensure the best for us. I’ve been surprised by how much is available outside of lectures and professional practice to prepare you for employment. The tutors provide employability advice on a one-to-one basis, and the department offers employability sessions which lets you know about job vacancies in a range of settings. There are also book clubs to help you encourage reading for pleasure with your future students, and technology sessions to make you aware of the different kinds of technology that can be used to enhance children’s learning.

Overall, I feel my degree has given me the confidence to adapt the way I approach teaching and made me more open to new challenges. It’s also shown me how resilient I am, that I can multitask and that I can be creative in my teaching. But mostly, it has helped me to discover the kind of confident, engaging teacher I want to be.