I never expected that I would make such good friends in such a short space of time. I already know they will be lifelong friendships.

I chose Business and Management as it focuses quite a lot on leadership skills, and if there’s one thing that the current political situation in the UK has shown, it’s that there’s a lack of strong leaders in this country. I want to have my own business eventually, and as so many companies collapse as a result of poor leadership, this was something I knew I needed to be successful.

Since I started my course I’ve been amazed by the amount of opportunities there are to add something extra to your student experience. I like the option of doing a placement year in industry and I’m hoping to work with a big company for a year to boost my CV. There’s also the chance to study Mandarin at a partner university in China, which I’d love to do as it would be really useful for my future career.

I’ve recently got involved in a university project looking at diversity on campus. Traditionally, the student population hasn’t been as diverse as it could be and this project is trying to find out why and how Edge Hill could encourage greater diversity. As a mixed race student, I’m pleased that my voice is being heard and that, as an institution, Edge Hill isn’t afraid to tackle difficult issues that other universities might shy away from.

The best thing about living on campus is being surrounded by nature. It’s such a relaxing environment to live and study in. I am part of the athletics club which trains with multiple teams and often has the opportunity to compete. In addition, I also play 5-a-side football once a week. There’s a lovely community feel as well, which I needed coming from a small town, it’s like everyone looks out for each other. I haven’t been here long but I’ve already found a great group of friends that I love spending time with. We all get on so well. In fact, my best memory of university so far is just going out with my flatmates, having a brilliant night, then coming back to Halls and chatting until the morning.