When I started the course, I never dreamed I’d have two job offers lined up on graduation.

I love numbers. I like to understand how figures work and I’m fascinated by the way numbers form the underlying fundamentals of business. With several accountants in the family already, it was a natural progression for me to study Accountancy at university.

For me, it’s the employability side of the course that’s really made it exceptional. The modules I’ve chosen throughout my course have expanded my knowledge and understanding of accountancy, while also preparing me for the world of work. The course is theory-based but we apply what we learn to real life case studies, so the course aligns with the industry as much as possible, and our core modules are also structured to allow exemptions from professional exams.

We also get the opportunity to choose modules relating to a particular career. I’m interested in a career in tax so I’ve taken specialist modules in that area. On top of that, we have a specific Employability module in the second year to give us the skills and experience to get on the career ladder.

I did a placement as part of this module at Hindle, Jepson & Jennings Ltd, an Accountancy firm in Darwen. This gave me a broader knowledge and understanding of accountancy as a profession and added practical experience to the theory I was learning. It was great to learn new processes while studying and understand the links between the practical side of accounting and the theory.

The Employability modules also provide experience of the application process, including psychometric tests. That was really interesting and helped me to feel prepared and confident to go out into the working world.

Thanks to that module, I was offered a part-time job when my placement hours were fulfilled and I’ve now been offered a full-time role there when I graduate. I’ve also had an offer from Grant Thornton in Guernsey for a Tax Assistant role. When I started the course, I never dreamed I’d have two job offers lined up on graduation.

Since I’ve been at Edge Hill, I feel I’ve discovered my potential. I’ve met new people and learned new aspects of accountancy while also being provided with plenty of opportunities to excel.