I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with different techniques. It’s great that you get to test the waters to find your personal style and what you enjoy most.

Animation has the potential for a rich vein of storytelling and, as I’ve always loved to draw and create visual stories, it really appealed to me. At school I leaned towards art, then in college I did a BTEC in Animation, Games and Interface Design so that I could focus on telling stories through art.

I put university off for a year as I didn’t want to leave home and I wasn’t sure I had what it took to do a degree, but as soon as I moved to Edge Hill I felt welcome and safe.

I love working in the animation labs. They’re really close to the accommodation and the 24-hour access is perfect if you can’t sleep and want to work on some ideas. The facilities are of a professional standard so you’re using exactly the same equipment that you’d use in the workplace. You would never have this kind of equipment at home as it’s far too expensive, so it’s amazing to have access to it every day.

Since I started this degree I’ve had the opportunity to try out lots of different techniques, including stop motion, pixilation, rotoscoping, digital and 3D animation. It’s great that you get to test the waters to find your personal style and what you enjoy most.  I’ve really liked experimenting with different techniques and have firmly settled into 2D animation. I enjoyed learning about the history of Disney as that kind of hand-drawn 2D animation is what I love to create.

There’s a strong focus on employability throughout the course. The Employability module in the third year helps you put together your creative CV and showreel to present to potential employers and you also have the opportunity to get some work experience. I was lucky enough to get an internship with a local animation studio.

At Edge Hill I’ve discovered how adaptable and resilient I am. I’ve realised I can handle new situations, something that would previously have terrified me.