I’m fascinated by the media and the power it has to affect so many people.

I’m fascinated by the media and the power it has to affect so many people. I’ve been lucky enough to be an extra in some big budget productions and found being on a set is such a fantastic experience. With a real interest in the production behind it, studying it made perfect sense.

It was a tough decision to leave my job as a PE teacher and swim instructor in Bedford and go back into education, but I knew deep down that a career in media was what I really wanted.

Although I’ve done some television presenting and vlogging in the past, my real passion is radio. I’ve hosted shows on hospital radio and, since I started my degree, I’ve had some fantastic opportunities to develop my presenting skills and build up industry contacts. One of my tutors knew I was interested in radio so when the politics reporter from BBC Radio Lancashire was visiting the University, she asked me if I’d like to show him around. From chatting to him, I was able to get a meeting with the managing director, and from there I managed to get a work placement.

I learned so much from that experience that when Radio Lancashire launched a competition to find the next generation of presenters, I felt confident enough to apply. From hundreds of applicants, I made it to the final ten and got to present my own show. I was due to host my second show on the station when the country unfortunately went into lockdown.

That didn’t stop me, though, and a friend of mine from BBC Radio Merseyside Sport and I launched The Football Chat podcast on Spotify. I’ve also set up my own media company, Beans Media, and started making comedy video clips for my social media. It’s not what I pictured doing, but I’m loving every moment.

Getting that first foot in the door from Edge Hill has really helped. On the back of that opportunity, and with support from my tutors, I’ve just submitted a pitch to Radio Lancashire for a sports show, so you never know, you could be hearing me on the radio again soon.