Payments – Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the ongoing situation regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) the Finance team are working remotely. If you have any questions regarding your payments please email [email protected].

For the latest coronavirus update from the University, please visit where you will also find a list of frequently asked questions

I don’t have an invoice but would like to pre-pay/pay my module fees. Where should I go?

As long as you are able to provide us with your student ID, and date of birth, we are happy to take your payments here on our Non-Invoice/Additional Payments Page.

How do I pay in instalments for my Tuition Fees/Hall Fees?

Instalments for both tuition and hall fees are taken using our RCP (Recurring Card Payment) instalment scheme. You will need to provide us with your credit/debit card details, and the instalments will be taken automatically on the agreed payment dates.

Tuition Fee instalments can be set up on our Tuition Fees payment page.

For Hall Fee instalments please visit our Hall Fees payment page.

I have a delay with my student finance and don’t know what to do?

If you have an instalment plan set up for your tuition/hall fees, you will need to contact the relevant team below to discuss delaying your payment.

Tuition Fees – Fees, Scholarships and Bursaries Team – 01695 657359 or email: [email protected].

Hall Fees – Hall Fees Team – 01695 657560 or email: [email protected].

I’ve entered my Student ID and Date of Birth on the Tuition Fees page, but it isn’t allowing me to log in?

The Tuition Fees payment page is for full/part time students, so modular students studying with the Faculty of Health and Faculty of Education students may not be able to use this facility. If you have an invoice you can visit  our Invoice Payment page and make a payment there. If you do not have an invoice you will be able to pay here on our Non-Invoice/Additional Payments Page

I am a Faculty of Health and Social Care modular student and have a question about my fees/would like to pay in instalments. Who should I speak to?

Edge Hill will accept fee payments for professional development courses made in instalments by prior arrangement. The Faculty’s finance team can be contacted on [email protected] to discuss instalments or answer any questions you may have regarding your fees. Please visit the FOHSCM page for further information and their FAQs.

I have a new debit/credit card and need to update my RCP instalment plan details. What do I need to to?

Unlike Direct Debits, the RCP instalment plan uses your debit/credit card details to take your payments. If you change your card, or receive a new card, you will need to update your details to ensure that your payment plan will not be interrupted. To do this please use this link. You will need to enter the card holder’s email address, after which you will be sent an email containing a secure link to where you will be able to enter your new card details. If you have any questions, please contact the Income Team on: 01695 657272.

Please note: You should NEVER email your debit or credit card details to anyone. If we receive any card information via email we will delete all correspondence immediately, and will be unable to update your details.

I have attempted to make a payment, but the transaction was declined/refused. What should I do?

We cannot accept liability if your transaction is declined or refused by your debit/credit card provider. If this does happen you will need to contact your card provider for further details.

I made a payment online, and am now expecting this to be refunded. How will I receive this?

All applicable refunds are made to the debit/credit card which was used for the original transaction.

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