Edge Hill academics share expertise on the global environmental agenda

Two academics at Edge Hill University will lead and influence a new global environmental agenda to explore behaviour change in relation to sustainability and climate change.

Professor Geoff Beattie to speak at the British Academy Summer Showcase

Geoff Beattie, Professor in Psychology at Edge Hill University, has been invited to give a talk at the British Academy Summer Showcase on the evening of the 21st June. The aim of the event is to allow the British Academy ‘to present the best new Humanities and Social Sciences research to a wide public audience.’

One of human behaviour’s greatest paradoxes explored in Professor’s new book

Why do we say one thing and then do something completely different? In his new book, Edge Hill psychologist Professor Geoff Beattie explains how the conflicting subsystems of the human mind, one slow, deliberate and conscious, one fast, automatic and unconscious, operate together to such telling effect.