Unforgotten coat 1920x1080The Unforgotten Coat is an acclaimed children’s book, written by Frank Cottrell Boyce (Walker, 2011). One thread of the narrative concerns the recreation of Mongolia in Polaroid photo form by two refugee brothers living in Bootle. The Unforgotten Coat book was illustrated by Edge Hill University lecturers Carl Hunter and Clare Heney, who created digital images of the Polaroid photos from the story.

The book won the Guardian Children’s Fiction prize, the Deutscher Jugendliteraturpreis 2013 in the category Best Children´s Book and has been translated into several languages. It remains a core text for the Reader Organisation’s reading groups in the community and has been praised for highlighting the plight of young asylum seekers.

In 2013, further creative research was undertaken culminating in an exhibition hosted by the Edge Hill University Institute for Creative Enterprise. For this exhibition, the images have undergone a further transformation, from digital images into physical, analogue Polaroid-style photographs.

Video highlights from Frank Cottrell Boyce event

Watch highlights from the hugely successful event at edge Hill university with much-loved author Frank Cottrell Boyce reading from his award-winning book The Unforgotten Coat.

The Unforgotten Coat has since won The Guardian Children’s Fiction Prize in 2012 and Best Children’s Book at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2013. It has also been put forward for the prestigious 2104 Board on Books for Young People International Honours List. The nomination is because the book highlights the lives of today’s young asylum seekers.

The evening was also the last chance to see the stunning and atmospheric photography from the book, which transforms Liverpool into a version of Mongolia through the medium of Polaroid photos. The imagery was created by film-maker and musician Carl Hunter and film-maker and photographer Clare Heney, who both lecture at Edge Hill University.


These collages were produced based on comments made by readers of The Unforgotten Coat. 

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