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Global Friends is back. How often do you get the opportunity to make new friends from around the world? Well, with Global Friends it just got a lot easier. Have fun and meet new people. Experience new cultures. All while supporting an international student as they settle into life at Edge Hill and in the UK.

The volunteering programme matches up current EHU students with new international students who have signed up. You will be paired based on your application. For example, if you have similar interests and hobbies, or studying the same course.

What’s involved?

logo showing a world with the words global friends around the edge and a plane

The aim of Global Friends is to help support international students as they transition into their new university. Giving advice, signposting and being there as a friendly face.

As a Global Friend you will be asked to:

Why should you apply?

The Global Friends programme is a great way to stand out from the crowd and boost your CV. You can help you develop many transferrable skills including experience in student mentoring.

You will also be invited to attend free trips, meals and events throughout first semester. You’ll be able to meet more Global Friends and develop one another’s understandings of your cultures.

And to top it all off, you could make a best friend for life.


To volunteer as a Global Friend you must

  1. Be continuing your studies here in September 2024
  2. Have been a student at Edge Hill for at least six months

Want to get involved?

Start your application to become a Global Friend by completing the form below. If you have any questions, please contact

May 29, 2024


For media enquiries only, please contact the Press Office: