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It’s Varsity time! Edge Hill University and University of Central Lancashire go head to head.

Since 2013, the two institutions have taken it in turn to host the big event. This year it is UCLan’s turn.

What is Varsity?

Varsity is the biggest sporting fixture of the year. The day is made up of a range of sports including:

  • Athletics
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Equestrian
  • Flag Football
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Hockey
  • Netball
  • Pool
  • Rugby
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Trampolining
  • Volleyball

Each fixture has a winner and points are allocated. To win, your team has to have the highest amount of points at the end of the day.

How are the fixtures scored?

A win is worth 2 points. A draw is worth 1 point. And a loss is 0 points.

The points will be updated online throughout the day. The results and trophy will be revealed just after 6pm.

When is Varsity 2023?

This year, Varsity is on Wednesday 29 March. Although UCLan is hosting, the fixtures will take place in different venues across Preston.

Is there a charity linked to the event?

While the teams spend all day head to head, Varsity is raising money for a joint charity, Student Minds. Student Minds is a UK student mental health charity. They aim to empower university students to look after their own mental health, as well as those around them.

Money will be raised for Student Minds throughout the day from donations, t-shirt sales and fun activities.

Varsity Fixtures

Equestrian10:00 – 15:00Bold Heath Equestrian Centre
Badminton M10:00 – 12:00Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre 1
Badminton W10:00 – 12:00Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre 1
Volleyball Mixed10:30 – 12:30Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre 1
Pool11:00 – 17:00Atrium (SU)
Cricket M11:00Vernons
Rugby Union W12:00 – 14:00UCLan Sports Arena
Volleyball M12:30 – 14:00Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre 1
Football 5-a-side W13:00 – 14:00UCLan Sports Arena Grid A
Football 5-a-side M13:00 – 14:00UCLan Sports Arena Grid A
Flag Football13:00 – 16:00UCLan Sports Arena West 3G
Hockey W13:00 – 15:00UCLan Sports Arena All Weather Astro
Rugby League14:00 – 16:00UCLan Sports Arena P7
Rugby Union M14:00 – 16:00UCLan Sports Arena
Football 11-a-side M14:00 – 16:00UCLan Sports Arena P1
Football 11-a-side W14:00 – 16:00UCLan Sports Arena P2
Football (Rec) 11-a-side14:00 – 16:003G Central
Football 11-a-side M14:00 – 15:00UCLan Sports Arena Grid A
Swimming14:00 – 16:00West View Leisure Centre
Table Tennis M14:00 – 16:00Studio
Basketball W14:30 – 16:30Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre 2
Futsal M14:30 – 16:30Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre 1
Hockey M15:00 – 17:00UCLan Sports All Weather Astro
Netball16:30 – 18:00Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre 1
Basketball M16:30 – 18:00Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre 2
Trampolining12:00 – 15:30Preston City Trampoline Club
AthleticsExternal EventLancaster Cup

Good luck Team Edge Hill!

March 27, 2023


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