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A health expert at Edge Hill University has contributed to an “ambitious” new roadmap for NHS research set out by England’s chief nurse. 

Professor Bernie Carter has contributed to a new strategy commissioned by Ruth May, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and England’s most senior nursing advisor to the Government, that will place nurses at the heart of research that directly impacts their work.  

Professor Carter, a professor of Children’s Nursing, is a member of the CNOs Nursing Research Strategic Advisory Board. She contributed her expertise in children’s nursing, research and represented the Association of British Paediatric Nurses in the report. 

Professor Carter said: “We’re placing nurses at the centre of this new strategy, because we know their experiences of working in the NHS will help to shape the future of healthcare research.  

“The shared vision is a future where more NHS research is led by nurses. We want to see more nurses involved in decision-making around research and for it to become easier for nurses to pursue a career that involves research. In doing so, we believe this will not only help to shape the profession but underpin important policy and decision-making.” 

Professor Bernie Carter

Making research matter – The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) for England’s strategic plan for research is for all nurses working in health and social care, higher education, the third sector, and all those who support research. 

In the report, Ruth May said: “At its heart is the shared ambition to create a people-centred research environment that empowers nurses to lead, participate in and deliver research, where research is fully embedded in practice and professional decision making, for public benefit. 

“Research is the golden thread for the future of our profession. It is an ambitious plan, but one I believe, collectively, we can deliver and embed across health and social care. 

The strategy sets out the CNO’s ambition to create a research environment that empowers nurses to lead, participate in, and deliver research. 

The themes underpinning the vision are: 

  • Aligning nurse-led research with public need 
  • Releasing nurses’ research potential 
  • Building the best research system 
  • Developing future nurse leaders of research 
  • Digitally enabled nurse-led research 

The plan has been developed in partnership with stakeholders across the health and care system including the Innovation, Research and Life Sciences Group within NHS England and NHS Improvement. 

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