An Edge Hill University graduate whose passion for education has taken him around the world is hoping that his journey to success can help to inspire others from disadvantaged backgrounds. 

Mohamed Nakhuda, who is soon to be 40, is on a mission to raise career aspirations for people like him who hail from deprived areas and want to improve their life chances through education. 

Mohamed is from Audley Range, in Blackburn, which according to the Index of Multiple Deprivation is home to some of top 10% most deprived areas in England. 

He explained: “I’ve always championed the underdog and I think everyone deserves to have an equal chance in life. We need a level playing field that means no matter your background or where you come from, you can achieve your potential if you’re willing to work for it.” 

Mohamed is passionate about promoting equal opportunities for underrepresented groups in society, including women and members of the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic community. 

He added: “I come from a culture that is traditionally heavily male-dominated and I’ve never agreed with that outlook. I think women are fantastic in leadership roles and there needs to be even more visibility. Bridging that gap for underrepresented groups to unlock their potential will be key if we want to achieve parity.” 

Mohamed was the first generation in his family to go to university and most recently celebrated graduating from Edge Hill University’s MA Education (Leadership) programme. 

He said: “My parents have always lived by the philosophy that they wanted their children to be educated, because they didn’t have that opportunity in life. I think having access to a good education is so important and cannot be undervalued.” 

Prior to embarking on further study, Mohamed built a successful international teaching career in the Middle East. 

He landed his first role at the Abdul Rahman Kanoo International School in Bahrain before civil unrest in the country forced him to relocate to Saudi Arabia, where he remained for four years. 

Then in 2015, he made the decision to move back to the UK to be nearer to his family. 

Mohamed went on to teach at Newham College in London, before landing the role of a lifetime with West Ham United Football Club, where he was responsible for leading the club’s Apprenticeship Levy initiative. 

He added: “When I worked in London, I worked in classrooms with an incredibly diverse demographic of young people and it really drove home to me how important it is that we are celebrating diversity and providing everyone with the same opportunities in life.” 

Looking ahead to the future, Mohamed plans to further invest in his professional development by embarking on a PhD at Edge Hill, which will focus on bridging the digital skills gap for underrepresented groups. 

Edge Hill University’s Faculty of Education has a well-established national reputation for the delivery of high-quality Initial Teacher Training across the full range of age phases alongside a substantial track record in supporting partner schools and colleges in school improvement initiatives.