A picture of Abigail Baldwin in a graduate cap and gown.

A nutrition and health student who spearheaded the design of a new vegan chocolate bar is graduating from Edge Hill University with a First Class Honors degree.  

As part of her course, Abigail Baldwin was encouraged to take the innovation and entrepreneurship module which asks students to create the recipe for a food product. Being a long-time vegetarian, she saw a gap in the market for a vegan chocolate bar that tastes as good as the real thing.  

She set about designing and coming up with a chocolate bar but felt she needed a little extra help and contacted famous Wigan based chocolate shop Choc Amor for some advice. Owner Paul Williams kindly opened his doors for Abigail to visit his shop and learn more about how their chocolate is created. 

Abigail said: “The chocolate bar I created is called Alma which means nourishing for the soul. I worked with Choc Amor who invited me into their shop and taught me a lot about how they produce their chocolate as well as what flavours complement one another and what ingredients are best to use. It really helped me with the recipe for my product. 

“I also worked with a graphic designer I know and created the entire product from top to bottom. All the ingredients are chosen, the packaging is designed and the branding it done, and I think it tastes lovely. Sadly, I don’t have the money to launch it as a product for the shops but maybe one day, or maybe there’s an investor out there who can help me.” 

A picture of a vegan chocolate bar with pink and yellow packaging.

Abigail’s lecturers were really impressed with her work on the project I was also trained in organoleptic testing and undertook a product development masterclass. Alongside this I worked with a graphic designer to have my packaging and logo designed for Alma. I can send over the finished design if you’re interested?” 

Hazel Flight said: “Abigail went above and beyond in relation to this gaining experience in a real chocolate shop and putting huge amounts of thought to create a product you could easily see on the shop floor. I really hope that one day she gets to create her chocolate bar for real.” 

Abigail Baldwin found herself fascinated by the science behind nutrition after attempting to get “beach body ready” before a holiday, following advice she found on Instagram. She found herself losing far too much weight and wanted to make sure she didn’t do the same thing again.  

Abigail explained: “So my dissertation was “Examining the relationship between the frequency of Instagram use and eating habits in young adults living in the UK”. I think there’s so much dangerous advice out there about what people eat. It was writing about this that has cemented my decision to apply for a masters next year specialising in disordered eating so one day I can go on to help people. 

“I can’t thank Edge Hill enough for all the support I’ve had during my degree and all the friends on made on the course. It’s been a great three years.” 

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