An investment of almost quarter of a million pounds in Biosciences facilities at Edge Hill will put the University at forefront of biology and biomedical research. 

The University has been awarded more than £220k from the Office for Students to support the growth of STEM subject work, which will enhance the student experience and allow researchers to extend their portfolio of work to make a difference to tomorrow’s world. 

Work is currently underway at the Biosciences building on the Ormskirk campus to expand the facilities to support a growth in demand to study at the University and will enable further investment in sector-leading equipment. 

The new facilities will also be used by JEOL as a specialist training centre, providing opportunities for students to work more closely with employers in the sector to enhance their job prospects for the future. 

Professor Paul Ashton, Head of Biosciences, said: 

“We’ve seen a real surge in growth to study here and the funding will support our expansion plans, enable us to invest in industry world-class equipment, allowing us to continue on our journey to be among the best in the country in the field of Biosciences. 

“The investment will also enhance our Biomedical research and open new areas of investigation up to our academic community.” 

Students and staff will have access to Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), which is used across a range of STEM subjects and supports research in biology and medicine. Electron Microscopy (SEM) equipment has also been purchased, which is used for imaging the surface of cells and nanomaterials. Using this type of microscopy is used for research in fields such as regenerative medicine, drug development and nanomedicine. 

The department, which is 17th in the Guardian league table for Biosciences, offers a rich and rewarding experience that enables students to adapt to the world changing around them. 

To find out more about studying in the fields of Biosciences, visit the University’s website.