Whassup with the Wongs by Edge Hill lecturer Rosa Fong

Independent filmmaker and Edge Hill lecturer Rosa Fong has released a powerful series of short films that address the racial inequalities in British screen industries. 

Rosa, a Senior Lecturer in Film and Television, showcased her latest releases at a British Film Institute (BFI) summit to highlight the invisibility of British East and Southeast Asian people on British screens, despite the proliferation of diversity initiatives in recent years. 

She said: “Filmmaking creates a platform to bring important discussions about issues of racial inequality to the table. This series was created to highlight the imbalance of British South and Southeast Asian people in the UK arts scene and asks the audience to question why this exclusion is still occurring.” 

“Despite the rise in diversity and inclusion initiatives across the arts industry, there is still a way to go in the fight to see true change and racial parity on our screens. Bringing this conversation to the forefront of the British Film Institute summit was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness and campaign for positive change across the industry.” 

The three films, which received Research Investment Funding from Edge Hill, have been restaged in the form of classic British film and TV dramas: 

  • Whassup with the Wongs – inspired by Downton Abbey 
  • Lonesome Tonight – inspired by The Office 
  • No Room Up Top – inspired by Look Back in Anger 

Rosa’s films used verbatim dialogue taken from research interviews conducted by Dr Diana Yeh, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Culture and the Creative Industries at City, University of London. 

Rosa Fong is an award-winning writer and director with more than 20 years’ experience working in the film and television industry, winning awards from the BFI and Arts Council of England. She has directed programmes for both BBC and Channel 4, worked in Hong Kong as a commercial director and directed music videos for MTV and Paritzan. 

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