The seventh issue of the world’s only online magazine dedicated to bringing academic expertise on racism to the wider public is out now and focuses on Black Lives Matter and Covid-19.

MONITOR: Global Intelligence on Racism, the high-profile multimedia magazine, is a partnership between Edge Hill University and the European University Institute and brings together NGOs, museums, artists and policymakers with academics to showcase the latest research and initiatives around the globe using video, podcasts, articles, art and music.

“BLM and the pandemic have become inseparable, and the consequences are being felt around the world. This issue of our magazine deciphers what’s happening, with fantastic minds from North America and Europe”, says Editor, Monica Gonzalez-Correa.

Monica Gonzalez-Correa, editor of Monitor.

Professor James Renton, Director of Edge Hill University’s International Centre on Racism (ICR) and academic advisor for Monitor, said:

“The denial that racism lives in the mainstream of society, or that it even exists as a serious problem, is perhaps the biggest obstacle that its opponents face- this challenge remains, even after George Floyd.”

“There’s so much research on racism yet most of this intelligence is not available to the general public, or the policy communities that so desperately need it”, adds Gonzalez-Correa. “MONITORacism’s mission is to bridge this gap”, Gonzalez-Correa explains, “acting as a channel to bring the most innovative research on racism around the world to global civil society and policy communities.”

A picture of Professor James Renton.
Professor James Renton

The latest issue delivers this exclusive content:

  • A new video by the head of the world’s only national museum dedicated to transatlantic slavery.
  • BLM The Revolt, a powerful intervention by Professor Whitney Battle-Baptiste, Director of the W.E.B. Du Bois Center, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA.
  • Reporting BAME’s Deadly Toll on media misreporting of race and the pandemic, by Dr Venise Wagner, San Francisco State University, and journalist, Sally Lehrman.
  • Why Black America?, by Dr Jean Beaman, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.
  • Three works by prize-winning poet, Jenny Mitchell, who has featured on Radio 4 and BBC2, accompanied by audio recordings from Marianna Corsoni from the Fiesole School of Music, Italy, and UK-based social care entrepreneur Claudia Zylbersztajn.
  • A new campaign video telling the story of the magazine, from its launch at the Houses of Parliament in 2018, with exclusive new music by the original DJ Assassin.

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Edge Hill University’s ICR has been set up to deliver advanced research on global questions concerning racism, building on the University’s long history of antiracism. The ICR is supported by a global team of experts in Europe, North America and Australia. The centre is the official partner of MONITOR, which is based at the European University Institute in Italy. To find out more about the work of the ICR and the latest blogs and opinion pieces click here.