A picture of Professor Paul Aplin.
Professor Paul Aplin

An Edge Hill academic has been awarded funding by the Royal Society for a fantastic project to develop new ways of monitoring air pollution.

Paul Aplin, Professor of Geography at Edge Hill University, has been awarded a Royal Society-Newton Mobility Grant, part of the Newton Fund, to help develop new methods and tools for monitoring aerosol pollution in the atmosphere.

The new tools being developed will use remote sensing techniques and satellite-collected data at much higher spatial resolutions than are currently used, increasing the accuracy with which we can estimate aerosol presence and its negative effects.

This collaborative project, working with Henan Polytechnic University in China and part-funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, has the scope to be significant for future research and development in atmospheric science, and also for environmental quality and public health benefits by identifying air pollution hot spots.

The research team includes Dr Sue Jones and Kwame Awuah from Edge Hill’s Department of Geography and Geology, and Dr Ardhendu Behera from the Department of Computer Science.

Professor Paul Aplin said:

“I’m delighted to have been awarded this grant which gives us a wonderful opportunity to enhance air quality monitoring and help improve the quality of our environment. The remarkable drop in air pollution during the COVID-19 pandemic – one small positive in a very difficult time – has underlined that we do have opportunities to modify our behaviour and become less polluting. This is critical if we are to limit global temperature rise and achieve meaningful action on climate change.”

The results of this fascinating project could have an impact on the management of air quality all over the world and help to tackle climate change.

At a time when pollution and climate change are in the news constantly, the wider issues of remote sensing and air quality management have never been more important.

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