Prof Owen Evans, wearing a blue shirt and informal jacket, smiles at the camera.
Professor Owen Evans has been appointed to the AHRC’s Covid-19 Expert Peer Review Group.

A film expert from Edge Hill University has been appointed to a special group set up to look at innovative research ideas to address the response to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Professor Owen Evans – whose own research interests embrace German film, literature, history and culture, arts, health and wellbeing – has joined the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s (AHRC) Covid-19 Expert Peer Review Group which will look at proposals submitted by researchers in response to the challenges of the global outbreak. 

The impacts of Covid-19 are complex and far-reaching, affecting nearly every aspect of peoples’ lives: the arts and humanities have a key role to play in understanding, addressing and mitigating the unfolding impacts of the pandemic. 

In answer to this, the AHRC is calling for arts and humanities researchers to submit proposals that lend themselves to short-term rapid response projects and Professor Evans’ role will be to review applications. 

“I’m thrilled and stunned to have been identified as someone with the requisite expertise to be of use to them like this,” said Professor Evans. 

“The arts and humanities play a key role in understanding, addressing and mitigating the unfolding impacts of the pandemic and will enable a rapid research response to the developing emergency. 

“To be able to contribute to such an important agenda and review other projects is very humbling and I’m privileged to be a part of making this happen.” 

The Professor of Film works in the Department of Media and joined Edge Hill University in 2011. 

He is co-founding editor of the international journals Studies in European Cinema and the Journal of European Popular Culture and he is an AHRC Peer Review College member and Strategic Reviewer. 

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