A head and shoulders picture of Dr Tom Simcock who has his hear swept to one side, wears glasses and is wearing a blue chequered plaid shirt

A researcher from Edge Hill University will give evidence today (4 March) on the Renting Homes (Amendment) Bill that will improve the lives of renting families across Wales.

Research Fellow, Dr Tom Simcock, will join other experts to scrutinise the Bill at the Equality, Local Government and Communities Committee.

The Bill proposes to amend the Renting Homes (Wales) Act 2016 prior to its coming into force to provide greater security for people who rent their homes in Wales, in particular those who live in the private rented sector.

“There is a growing evidence base on the private rented sector that highlights the negative impact of the insecurity of renting has on health and well-being,” said Tom. “Tenants currently can be evicted without any fault with just two months’ notice under Section 21 no fault evictions. Research identifies that this can have a poor impact on psychological well-being, with renters experiencing anxiety and finding it difficult to settle down in their communities.

“The Welsh Government is proposing to improve the security private renters have in their homes, which will ensure that tenants have at least 12 months security in their homes.

“This is a welcome first step to modernising the private rented sector in Wales and will move the Welsh private rented sector to a more fair regulatory landscape, where tenants will have the knowledge that they will have at least 12 months in the property, while landlords will still be able to regain possession if there is a breach of contract.”

Tom has extensive experience of designing and undertaking research across a diverse spectrum of policy areas including housing, education, health, and public-sector reform.

His most recent research focuses on housing policy and the private rented sector; including examining the impact of welfare reforms such as Universal Credit and the rise of the sharing economy and the growth in popularity of Airbnb.

Tom’s research has influenced Government policy-making, including being cited in national Government consultations on the private rented sector, and his research has been widely cited in debates in the House of Commons, House of Lords, and by the London Mayor.