Vice-Chancellor Dr John Cater stands smiling with his hands in his pockets.
Vice-Chancellor Dr John Cater has commended Edge Hill staff for donating emergency supplies to the NHS.

Emergency supplies provided by Edge Hill University colleagues have ensured a local NHS Trust can continue to sanitise and test surgical masks in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust contacted the University to see if they could help with an urgent request for Isopropyl 99% alcohol as the Trust had run out and was waiting on more supplies. 

Quick-thinking colleagues from Bio Sciences and Campus Security were spurred into action, rapidly found what was needed and within minutes were able to deliver it to the Trust. 

Vice-Chancellor Dr John Cater said: “I’m proud that our teams were so responsive to this urgent request; without their speedy actions the hospital wouldn’t have been able to continue to sanitise and test the surgical masks on the same day and this is so important for them to be able carry on with this work during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

“This is just one of many acts of kindness and support I’m seeing from our Edge Hill community, and staff, students, alumni and partners have my sincere gratitude for pulling together and helping one another in a time of such unprecedented uncertainty.” 

Edge Hill is also playing a broader role in society. In addition to a wide range of generic support, the University has: 

· Offered to house any member of the NHS, police or other key service who is required to self-isolate from their families to enable them to keep working, in response to the Lancashire Local Resilience Service call-out; 

· Agreed to release, on full pay, any professionally qualified member of staff who wishes to temporarily re-join the NHS workforce; 

· Donated vital personal protection equipment (PPE) to local NHS trusts, including gel, aprons and masks; 

· Launched an online learning hub to support schools, families and partners while classroom teaching is halted:

· Supported new sign-ups from students and staff in response to the Government’s call-out for volunteers; 

· And academic publishers have offered libraries additional ‘free’ access to e-book and e-journal collections for a temporary period too.

For more updates about what support the University is offering in response to COVID-19, visit the latest news and FAQ pages here: or follow the University’s social media accounts.